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Wichita Car Window Tinting

We have our own window tint team at Davis-Moore. They are professionals that do great tinting jobs day after day. If you are looking for Wichita car window tinting, Kansas car window tinting, Wichita window tinting, or Kansas window tinting, and want the job done right, then Davis-Moore should be your next stop. Davis-Moore has experienced professionals to handle all your Wichita car window tinting needs.

Davis-Moore Car Window Tinting

  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Reduces Heat
  • Reduces Glare
  • And it just plain looks good if done right.

FAQ about Wichita Car Window Tinting

Q: Does Davis-Moore tint windows with spray or film?
A: We only use the highest quality window applied film tint.

Q: Do you do the mirrored tint?
A: No. In fact, mirrored tint is illegal in many areas at this time.

Q: What is the story on not being able to roll my windows down after the film is installed?
A: We recommend that you not roll your windows down for 3-5 days. The film is gradually bonding and adhering to the window. Rolling down the window early, damages the film to where it has to be reapplied or replaced can be done at an additional charge.

Q: What areas of the front windshield will you tint?
A: Only the top 6 inches, nothing below that.

Q: What type of a warranty do you have in regard to your window tint job?
A: All tints include lifetime warranty against bubbling.

Q: Anything else that I should do before having my car windows tinted?
A: It is highly recommended that you have your car vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly before your appointment. You are trying to keep all of the small dust particles/blowing dirt within the vehicle from ending up between the film and your vehicle window.

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